Wow, what a turn out.  58
people came to help us
celebrate on April 29th,
2007 for Bart's 30th
Birthday.  Thank you to
everyone who helped
make this a very special
day for a very special
horse. Bart was presented
with many special gifts,
alfalfa hay, apples,
bucket, lead rope, cards &
apple flavored treats.  
Pork & Hambuger patties,
potato salad, cake &
beverages were provided.
This was an awesome
opportunity that I will
never forget.  Thank you..  
Don't let anyone ever tell
you its nuts to throw a
birthday party for a horse,
I was glad to bring
everyone together again
and maybe we will do it
again some day.
In the photo are the family in which my parents purchased Bart from nearly
22 years ago.  The Houk family from Dows, IA.  Jennifer, in the green
showed Bart very well before sending him on to more showing with me.  
Next to her is her sister Jolene, Mom, Marilyn & Dad Raymond.  I am in
peach with my parents Dwayne & Butch Draper.
Bouncy Bart.  Foaled Feb 4th 1976 Sired by Speedy Bart Dam: Bouncy Daisy
My father purchased Bart for me in 1985.  My mom & dad drove me everywhere
with Bart & I couldn't be prouder of Bart & all that we have accomplished.  All his
trophies are displayed at all times.  Bart, my father, mother & all the brides mades
escorted me up the isle, made of straw at Paul & I's wedding in 2000.
See Below for Picture &
info about Bart's 30
Birthday party
When I see the saying about being blessed to have that 1 lucky horse, I think of this one the most.  He built
me and I couldn't have been luckier to have him in my life.  Bart started having some type of neurological
problem in the summer of 2009 and in February of 2010 I had to let go of my best friend.  It is a day I will
never forget, but I could no longer see him in pain, no matter how much he tried to hide it.  Even up until
that last moment, he tried to act like there was nothing wrong.  Life has never been the same without him
and I have tried to build relationships since, but nothing compares to that 1st horse that understands you
and watches you grow up, get a job, place of your own and even carries you down the isle.  I am truly
blessed to have had this experience and embrace it.  I will carry him in my heart forever.
FOALED:  Easter of 1987 - Feb 2012  RIP Baby girl.
We didn't just have horses here, we also had a miniature
donkey, Lilly Mae.  She had been with Lori for many
years.  She was a great companion & an inspiration to
our family.  Oh how she loved cookies and the
occasional wine cooler.  I still cry every time I hear a
donkey's voice.