Stables Duncombe, IA
Keep Shining
your Light!
Blazing a Trail to Self-Empowerment,
I offer Natural Health consultations. So far my choice of modalities are a good diet along with vitamins and
minerals.  Young Living Essential Oils, LED Light therapy& thermal imaging. Over the past several years, my
personal experiences have led me to this path due to heart wrenching situations, un affordable vet/dr bills that were
depressing & debilitating which has taught me how to take control of my own health and teach others to do the
same. I also highly recommend a raw diet for our dogs & Cats.  1 more thing, DO NOT OVER VACCINATE!
Light Therapy Brochure
The following are torch lights by Photonic Therapy Institute.  Follow the link for more details & how you can join a
great community of Light Therapists & learn more.

Includes Charts Batteries charger, bag and free Intro course, these are torch style lights which are great for
stimulating acupuncture points as well as direct concerns.
Single Red Light Kit                 299.00
Double Red Light Kit                459.00
Single Blue Light Kit                 319.00
1 Red & 1 Blue Light Kit           469.00
1 650+                                     499.00
The Light Therapy Pads that I use are by According to Gospel.
Itty Bitty in bag                  175.00
Small with case                 275.00
Medium with case             349.00
Large with case                800.00
Y Cable                              25.00
Battery Pack                     150.00
Holster                                20.00

Rentals available for $150 for 7 days with charts  CCard must be on file                
Full rental: 1 Itty Bitty, 2 small pads, 2 LED Torches with 1 650+ Torch "up to $1858 Value"                

Consultation Fee                 50.00
Horse Analysis                   100.00

Hoof Balance                       40.00

Custom essential oil blend   25.00
Wond for the hard to reach or difficult horse situations 15.00 * Works with Essential Oil application too!

Become a part of my Young Living with Lori Draper community and receive 10% off your 1st light therapy tool
Product List & Pricing below