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Hello & welcome to my site.  If you have found yourself
here, you are either a friend of mine, about to be or
looking for information on Young Living Essential Oils
or even looking for history on a horse you may have
purchased, maybe even thinking about breeding your
mare to a stallion I own or used to own.  Welcome!  
Just a little info about me.  I am passionate about our
health including our pets.  I am a firm believer in natural
care & what God gave us on earth.  I LOVE YOUNG
LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS & what they have done
for me, my family & friends.  That includes my pets.  I
would love to share my experiences with you & of
coarse join me in my journey.  I do not believe in horse
slaughter!  We have plenty of other great foods to eat.  
I believe in smart breeding & taking care of our animals
to the end, no matter what the situation.  Feel free to
browse my sight and join my blog.  May you be blessed
with good health & abundance.
Young Living
with Lori Draper